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ND ITD Cybersecurity - Do your part and stay smart


Governance Risk and Compliance “Business Leader”

  I KNOW things and avoid saying NO. I’m a savvy business leader. I know which risks to take and which risks to avoid to safely get your business done.

Active Defense “Hacker”

  I think like a criminal but have a heart of gold. I’m a hacker. I use my skills to find hidden threats that could impact you and beat the bad guys to the punch.

Analysis and Response “Defenders”

  I am a cyber first responder. I defend the network. I’m the first to know when something is wrong, and I use my skills to protect your information.

Infrastructure “Engineer”

  I am a cyber Q, I make the fun gadgets for our 00 agents. I build and problem solve to ensure we have the most effective tools to get the job done for your safety.

Education “Mentor”

  I am Yoda, here to teach and enlighten you. I reveal tools that allow you to protect yourself. I make sure the Security teams have the knowledge to be top tier cyber professionals ready to ensure your safety.