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Cyber Attack Map

A map of cyber attacks hitting North Dakota infrastructure. The size of the lines represent the number of attacks from that region in that second.
*This data is not live but was created using data from North Dakota systems.

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Risky USB Thumb Drive Behavior

USB drives may be small, readily available, inexpensive, and portable, however, these same characteristics make them appealing to attackers. Attackers can use these tiny devices to steal information, or to access passwords and other sensitive data. This process can be so fast that victims will not even realize that their computers were attacked. In this demo we will show you how easy it is.
Narrated By: Anthony Aukland
Demo By: Jonathan Heard

Think You Can’t Be Phished, Think Again!

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain passwords, credit card numbers, banking information, account logins, and other personal information by impersonating a trusted entity in a communication, such as an email. If successful, the attacker may use the data obtained for fraudulent purposes. According to the FBI the average cost of each of these attacks was $80,000 in 2020. This video will demonstrate a successful phishing attack.
Narrated By: Anthony Aukland
Demo By: Bryan Phelps

Password Cracking

How secure is your password? There are more than 10 billion passwords, or password hashes, breached and posted online. Hackers can crack weak passwords from these breaches quickly. Watch this video to see how easily these passwords are cracked.
Narrated By: Anthony Aukland
Demo By: Benjamin Paulus

The Dangers of Free Wi-Fi

Everyone loves free Wi-Fi. However, nothing in life is really free. While you may think you have logged into your local coffee or sandwich shop, you may have actually given hackers access to your computer. This dangerous attack is quick and hard to detect. Watch this brief video to learn more.
Narrated By: Anthony Aukland
Demo By: James Hudler